At La Lluna, we want to maintain the essence of Bed and Breakfast, where originally, a stay was offered in a private room in the house, with breakfast included. You will enjoy the freedom to enter and leave without any inconvenience as if it were your own home.

The Breakfast

La Lluna offers local and organic products, whenever possible, to guarantee the best quality. We serve cheeses, ham, bakery products, fruit juices, vegetable milks, eggs, etc.

If you have any intolerances and/or allergies, please let us know and we will adapt your breakfast.

Breakfast is served every morning from 8 to 10 am, in the dining room of the chalet.

Kitchen and common areas

The kitchen can be used throughout the day: you can leave food in the fridge, use the various appliances and kitchen utensils, enjoy a tea or coffee at any time of the day or heat up a meal. You will also find a first aid kit with all the necessary first aid equipment.

You can also enjoy our living room with a sofa, a TV and speakers.

All common spaces must be enjoyed respecting the stay of other customers.


At La Luna we love animals!

You will be able to bring your pet as long as you check with us beforehand, we must be able to ensure that there are no impediments at that time.

If there is any incident during the stay with the pet, we reserve the right to apply a supplement to the price of the stay.

Activities and reservations

At La Lluna we can book any type of activity you want to do during your stay.

We'll save you a lot of time queuing, and we might give you some discounts!

Some examples: Tickets to Caldea, ski passes, rental of ski or bicycle equipment, restaurant reservations, etc.

Special occasions

Are you coming for a special occasion and want to enjoy a unique experience?

Let us know and we'll try to accommodate your stay.

La Luna reserves the right to apply a supplement.